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Janisjoplin.net was founded in 1998 out of boredom, curiosity about the web, and an insatiable need to know all there is to know about Janis Joplin. My name is Anna and I started this website at sixteen. Len, my co-conspirator, joined me a few months later. He is a graphic designer who lives in Vancouver, and I am a web developer who resides in Chicago. Although a constant work in progress, we are proud of the massive amount of information that we've gathered here. Hopefully, we can preserve the memory of a figure that is slowly being forgotten. This website is for fans by fans and a non-profit passion project. Enjoy.


We have improved the site in the last month or so in preparation for the 40th anniversary of Janis' death. We'll be releasing new music and pictures in the coming months. Also look for special events around the Hall of Fame Masters concert/week long tribute to Janis.

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Janis Joplin ‘Little Girl Blue’ Documentary to Air on PBS
November 25, 2015

Janis: Little Girl Blue, the new Janis Joplin documentary helmed by Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg, has started its limited theatrical run, which will be followed by airings on PBS’ American Masters series.

As previously reported, Berg worked with the support of Joplin’s family on the film, which offers previously unseen glimpses of the singer’s personal life. Speaking with Billboard, Berg...

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janis wisdom

"Dear Lord! Regular bar conversation. I love bar conversation, man! There's four people talkin', nobody listening to anybody else, someone constantly offending, another cat constantly interrupting with a monologue about his car gettin' repossessed or some other matter of great import - 'So I told that guy...' - and a third person constantly apologizing. This third cat is saying, 'I'm really sorry about a minute ago that I'....Talk about cinema verite! Drunks are all alike. Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, and every quarter of an hour they've got their arms around each other sayin', 'I'm sorry, you're the greatest buddy I ever met.'" --Janis Joplin

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