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Hi everyone. I’m hoping to get Len to regularly write in this blog about Janis and music in general. We’ll see how it goes!

Also I am looking for contributors to this blog. So if you’re a good writer and love writing about music, email

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  1. Terri Weilenman says:

    I think janis joplin was the greatest singer back then I was born in the sixties and loved her music her autobiography She is still the greatest still to this day she will never be forgotton

  2. rick curtis says:

    I was born in 1957 and grew up in the sixties. I found out much later (several years after she had died) that she had come to Chicago on several occasions. I wished I would have able to go see her.

  3. vincent says:

    what band did she play in?

  4. vincent says:

    need info for school project!!!!!

  5. Gerry says:

    Vincent, asking what band did she play in is like asking about rain in the middle of a hurricane! I just watched the movie about the Monterey Pop Festival and when they showed her performance of ‘Ball and Chain’ it brought tears to my eyes. Even now I could feel the force of her performance inside me. The band? it is almost irrelevent – she could carry it off on her own if she had to. I was born ten years after her, enjoying the late sixties-early seventies in high school. Not quite old enough to go to the festival but old enough to enjoy the music on late night underground radio. I day dream that if I was born just five years earlier one of two things could have happened – I could have gone to the music or I could have been drafted and lost in Vietnam – both shaped our world forever. I guess timing is everything and Janis’ time was perfect and much too short but I suppose that she crammed a lot of living and music into a short amount of time which makes her music all the more powerful. It seems that all the great ones die young – so instead of their power being spread over a lifetime, it is compressed into a few short years making their music even more explosive! That power will not soon be forgotten, if ever. Rock On!

  6. marco fiori says:

    janis………………………………………………………………………………… se eu nun ouvisse suas musicas,,,,,,,, preferia ser surdoo^^

  7. neolitic says:

    A correction, Janis did a reunion show with Big Brother in April 1970,
    but it was at the Family Dog, not the Fillmore.
    I was there.

  8. jaune sonnier says:

    Janis was the best ever, I know everything about her, any info you want, i can tell you

  9. jean says:

    I love Janis sosoosso much. I learned of her music and about her after I was hospitalized for a mental breakdown. Her music pulled me through a tough time and she really reached my heart with her words of wisdom. I dont want her to be gone from this earth, but she is and it makes me sad that I will never meet her
    thank you for this site. I have been looking for videos and have only ever just found a glimpse
    jean marie

  10. joyce joplin says:

    olá estou aqui no Brasil, mas eu amo muito a música de janis joplin,
    Pra mim ela será eterna……………

  11. Robert P says:

    I’m trying to find out the date that Janis Joplin performed in Toledo, Ohio. Can anyone help?

  12. david says:

    Personally, I’m from Portugal and I love Janis Joplin. If you can help Diana to win pity idols of Portugal, to call 760 300 507.

  13. Thank you for another excellent post. Keep up the good work.

  14. TonyV16 says:

    I have rediscovered Janis, I took a 35 year break from drumming, now do a few of Janis’ songs. I remember how I loved her singing when we first heard her: couldn’t stand the fact that the band (BBHC) was so much less than her abilities. Bummer. Now that I’m a lot older, I am blown away as I find how much more than a singer she was. The more I find, especially her early stuff, and what she did with St. Marie’s Codine is awsome. I am pissed that no one took care of her: she made a lot of people a lot of money, and still does. Our generation lost too many good people for no good reason.

  15. suzy says:

    Awesome site!contains everything you can ask for
    p.s.STOP bitching about BB&HC

  16. Claudio says:

    Siempre seras la mejor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Linda says:

    Number 15 suzy what do you mean about BB&HC

  18. Milan Macura says:

    Dear rock n’ roll fellows, I’m 54 age old and I have enormous wishto visit gravesof my idol Janis Joplin.
    Since I was living in undemocratic contry (I won’t say something harder) I couldn’t afford myself to travel, I’m asking you kindly to help me in obtaining funds and make my wish come true.
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  19. Kate says:

    I am a huge Janis Joplin fan! I love how the influence of blues flows clearly through her vocals in each song she sings. Her performances are crazy amazing and make chills go down my spine each time I watch them. Anyone have a favorite song she performs? Btw this site is so awesome and I’m glad I found it!

  20. Rodney says:

    This may sound wierd but my grandmother went to school with Janis and actually was tight with her because nobody liked her, but then she smoked marijuana and my grandmother stop hanging out with her. Seens that time she never mentioned any thing about my grandmother
    Also Janis got kicked out because she had no underwear on and was letting all the boys look .
    True facts.

  21. Eugene says:

    I consider myself to be lucky. At the age of 19, I had the honor and the luck to see Janis Joplin at Woodstock. Janis was awesome when she took the stage and gave her all to the thousands. She poured out her soul and left a piece of her heart on the stage each time she performed. She was genuine and sang from the heart. She used her voice to touch her fans and show them she was singing to please them. She would have become an icon had it not been for the drug culture in that era. My generation lost so much talent during the drug culture. It should have never happened. Janis gave a moving performance in 1970 at Toronto, which was surely one of her very best. A 6 minute 24 second rendition of “Cry Baby”. It was absolutely incredible. She had left BBHC to form the Kosmic Blues. She returned to BBHC to complete an album in 1970. It was then that things went terribly wrong. Buying a pack of cigs in the hotel lobby, she returned to her room and collasped once inside the door. Janis had bought heroin which was 50% pure, 8 to 10 times the normal. Many believe she was murdered. The FBI had her name on a list of covertly watched entertainers. She was for the most part apolitical focusing on her musical career. Whatever truly happened and why it happened will forever be a mystery. Yet, Janis Joplin is rightfully remembered. RIP Janis Joplin, you earned it by giving a piece of your soul each time you performed. You gave more than I and others deserved. Your dream came true and we all loved you for sharing it.

  22. Amanda says:

    I do hope this blog will be updated soon! I’d love to be a contributor but I have no idea if you’re still even looking!

    Janis is a legend and legends never die! :)

  23. Kate A Marsh says:

    I’d actually like to contribute to your blog!

  24. Ted Ringold says:

    Saw Janis at Madison Square Garden, i think around 69. Afterwords had the pleasure of going to aparty where she was. What a singer and human.

  25. Breck says:

    I saw Janis play one time in Hayward, Ca at the community college there. She was wearing a very loose lace sexy top with matching pants. She had a bottle of something special resting on the piano and the first three rows at the concert were horny young men wishing she would pick them for the night.
    She was amazing and hypnotic…

  26. James Rougeau says:

    For some reason or another, she’s much more popular in the Northeast than most places in the US.

  27. lee says:

    Amy Adams will play janis Joplin

  28. So I am very crushed to say just this year I first heard, the wonderful music of janis.being pregnant with my second.I thank my dad every day for having her cdblasting it threw out the housE.My daughter was born on october 4 th of this year, and may she rest in PEACE, I just found out the two dates match up about a month that said I really truly think deap down in my heart my lil Ellee Skye was here for the simple fact she is going to grow up being wild and free.”my hippie baby”.
    It took me just one time hearing her one song “one night stand” to just heal all the broken peices in my life. And Skye was loving it too. It all makes so much sense now. Music, life, people, Sex, drugs, flowers, the stars in the sky, I see my llife my babys lives as a party living to the complete fulness and for tha tdear Janis Joplin I thank you dearly.I will play your music every day, loud and proud! Just like it should be.and for my baby I promise watch for Ellee Skye she will be out in this wonder world soon enough. Much much love! PEACE

  29. Dominus says:

    this webpage is GREAT! I found more info on Janis than anywhere else. I’d like to ask you, do you know how does work ’cause whenever i try to enter it says the page doesn’t exist. I noticed that you didn’t put Janis’s older songs. I found a few from her young days such as her version of ‘My own tears’ or sometimes listed as ‘Drowning in my own tears’. It’s beautiful how she used to sing as a girl!
    If you find some songs could you put them on lyrics section, please? Also you said that you’ll put Janis related sites, so when’s that gonna be here?
    Thanks and love you!

  30. mariana s. says:

    wooow!! en verdad este sitio es increble
    yo tambien soy fans de Janis Joplin me encanta su musica y la admiro tanto!!

  31. Wm Asevo says:

    In the summer of LOVE67 Janis w/Big Brother&The Holding Company played in my home town of Monterey Park. City park named Barnes next to city hall. It was awesome I was going into 10th grade. Lots of Hells Angels were there,as they were also at 3days of music in Devonshire Downs 71 Janis was there too. All the Hippie chicks were wearin’ kinda gauze blouses w/o bras. It was gr8t!! I did see Janis several other times. The list above did’nt mention the concert @ Barnes Park in 67. I went to many a “Love-In’s” @ Griffith & Elysian Parks w/bands like Jefferson Airplane,Grateful Dead,The Youngbloods,&Big Brother.Those were the days! Pickin’ up Hippie chicks on my Harley!!!

  32. Dorian says:

    Really enjoy the fresh look. I was pleased with this content. Bless you for the helpful blog.

  33. Ja'Leah says:

    I know Janis is a Bisexual Liaisons

  34. Ja'Leah says:

    And thx I’m doing a power point on her

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