fans : Poetry

Glittering in the moonbeam, voice from afar.
She arises eyes ablaze, and takes center stage.
dancing, swirling,
amidst the thunderous maelstrom around her.
Echoes of a distant past?
Gift to an unseen future?
Bottle in hand, stomping, twirling, shouting,
The vibrations ascend in a cacophony of sound.
rainbow of light, starry night
Where were you in 69?
Where were you in 70?
Indeed where will you be in 2000?
like kisses in the wind
laughing, crying, carrying on.
Giggling, wiggling, prancing about,
she entrances with her piercing shout.
Clouds above, earth below,
pain the likes of which you'll never know.
Raised hand, piece of her heart,
this has always been more than art.
Cities sleep, people weep, feeling so deep.
Her legacy to you.
Gentle lips caress the dawn,
speak of pleasures, loves, long since gone.
Like silvery wine into the sea,
a sip for you, a sip for me.
Swallowed whole into the night,
others would of died of fright.
Songs of joy, songs of pain,
tears shed, blood bled,
seemed like nothing gained, nothing gained.
A feather here, a flower there,
her head seemed like a garden in the light.
She gave, we took, and the world watched in wonder.
I wonder if anybody else wonders about you?
You were anything but perfect after all,
but somehow there's no other way to describe you.
The Pearl
The Rose
The Queen
but really quite unremarkable.
Imagine that.
All the time
your whole damn life
trying to achieve the high,
the flying feeling we all felt
when you opened your mouth to sing
your pleasure
your pain
to the world.
Until finally it killed you;
it released you from your corporeal body
And you were finally free to kiss the sky.

I'm Going Home

Born in Texas,
Southermost of sanity.
Looking for a childhood.
Looking for most anything.
Can�t see, can�t hear.
Nothing out there anyway.
Someone better help me out.
Someone get me outa here.

Lasted out �til somethingteen.
Fin�ly made the new town.
Days we spent out on the road.
Where we were headed, didn�t know.
What�s the matter? Can�t you tell.
Any place, better than hell.
Now who�s walking really tall?
Won�t look back in case I fall.

Living, dying.
Laughing, crying.
Tumbling like a rolling dice.
Falling on the wrong side.
Wasting, saving.
Like a waterfall cascading.
Fighting back against the tide.
Screaming like a wild child.
Spitting in the cruel wind.
Looking for a home.

Picked up. Hooked up.
Everything was looking up.
Singing in a rock band.
Mama said you can�t do that.
What do Mama�s really know,
When they say �I told you so�?
It�s you who�s wrong, not them who�s right.
But still they�ll swear that black is white.

Big bash. Lots of cash.
Bought a car. Real flash.
So many tears for good or bad.
Who knows if I am glad or sad.
Does anybody care to know.
The real me? The heart and soul.
I doesn�t matter anyway.
I�m always lauging. I�m OK.

Living, dying.
Laughing, crying.
Tumbling like a rolling dice.
Falling on the wrong side.
Wasting, saving.
Like a waterfall cascading.
Fighting back against the tide.
Screaming like a wild child.
Spitting in the cruel wind.
Looking for a home.

We pulled into another town.
Twenty acres filled with sound.
Half a million people there.
They came to listen, look and stare.
After three days of love and peace
Another generation came.
The dawning of Aquarius
Closed up it�s doors to all of us.

With nothing left for me to do.
I�ve seen it, done it all and more.
It�s time to leave but �fore I go,
There�s just one thing I ask of you.
When you look up into the sky,
And glance upon a shooting star.
Just think, I�ll always shine for you.
Remember that I�m laughing still.

Living, dying.
Laughing, smiling.
Tumbling like a rolling dice.
Falling on the right side.
Saving, saving.
Like a waterfall cascading.
Always flowing with the tide.
Innocent, just like a child.
Floating in the peaceful wind.
At last I'm going home.
Dave Keats, August 5, 1999


What pain shall come,
come undone
When you sing the song,
of lifes pain
And your heart, which comes to pieces,
fills......the limitless void.....
For the life that you lost,
Saved my own
And your music envoloped me in the love I never knew,
Walking San Francisco Streets, I saw your face
In the crowd, And I know your're here, Janis
Still the one asking to take another piece of her heart...
Asking maybe? Trying just a little bit harder...........
And gettin in while you can,
Bye, Bye Baby,
Bye Bye
Yana Gorin

Allowance for One Indulgence

After a brief introduction, the needle goes in.
Its sharp consciousness stings and awakens deadened, twitching skin.
The forward motion gouges the flesh and stills the heart and the roar of the ranging current, blows reason for passionate feeling.
And as it draws out, it takes with it inhibitions
and frees my mind.
No drug could bring about this high.
I'm giving my life's blood to Janis Joplin.
Rest in Blissful peace, my angel.
It's been a long time since I last saw you
A long time since you sang in my dreams,
your bourbon-broken voice
reaching further than the stars.

Maybe it's just as well
that I didn't know you,
I hurt so much
born twelve years after that fateful night.
It would have happened.
But it happened too soon.

I'm not asking why
I'm saying goodbye to a soul I never knew
To a voice I feel tear through my chest.
It's fortunate
you did exist.
You showed the world what you could do.
And you left in grace........

It's better to burn out
than to fade away.........

Rest in Blissful peace,
and rise, in my dreams, Janis.
Brooke, June 25, 2000
Dear Janis,
It has been a long time since I last saw you
A long time since your bourbon-broken voice
echoed in my dreams.
Where are you now?
Your wings, I know, are fading .....
Your spirit is still flickering away
in so many lives.
Come back.
We all miss you.
The mist that surrounds you is so warm, so warm.
But one day, it will be cold
You will be gone.
Everyone needs your spirit,
your laughing eyes,
your flight.
Everyone needs you Janis, so come back.
Brooke XX


It's a shame,
I never knew you.
That's too bad.
Maybe it's just as well.
For I miss you so much now,
your voice tears through my chest.
Twelve years
after that night
I was born.
Unknowing that one day
I would discover you,
see you,
hear you.
We all miss you.
I am not asking why
I am saying
to a spirit I know,
but a being
who was too dangerously before my time
Too dangerous,
but Janis,
that was you.
I am not asking why.
Just saying
Rest in Blissful peace, my angel.
Brooke XX
Didn't she make you feel,
like you were the only one?
Like you were the flower in a dead garden
rising to the sun?
When she broke a piece of your heart
did it not tear away the pain
and let sunshine of a million rays
overpower the rain?
When she sings
and holds you in lyrical embrace
did it not surge inside you
make everything seem out of pace?
Like a raindrop in an eternal desert
she was the impossible
yet brought the water from the stream
and lovingly quenched us all.
We succumbed to our thirst
and drank the tears, the joy and the pain
and to forever and a day
we play those hymes again and again.
Lucy, July 23, 2000


temprance you is my foe
feelings good are my friends
twisted sheets and tangled feet
smack in a coke bottle screw cap
perfection is thin steel on a tube baby
one, two, three peggy are you ready
seth is on a plane comin home
i'll meet you at four love, i swear
im runnin from kris he's on the prowl
by bye baby bye bye is on my teeth,
tounge, and lips swirled about in lights
nice to meet you whish i had life to talk
time has left us and my sky coach is arrived
one, two, three, baby im ready
Lost angel in the wind,
one dark night
you left me alone
because your spirit needed freedom.
And now when I see the stars,
I see the moon,
I see the sun
I talk with you.

Fly free my pearl
but don't forget
that in some part of the world
there's a person waiting for you.

Janis - hollywood and the blue?

Although the time is so long I will never forget you,
I will never forget your beautiful songs,
your pretty laugh and your pretty voice;
the truth covers of powder when I think of that night,
in that room where your soul you tosses to fly...
because she won't return, for where you walk Janis?
do they come and do sing me a song to the hearing,
do they come because I listen to your voice every night
when decaying between the smoke and the laugh,
because the life is too short and even but one makes
but it cuts every day that passes.
For always in my heart,
we will see each other some day! Janis
Franz Ortiz Farje--14 dic 00

J. Lyn J.

sweetly singing in the moonlight
you let Death's hand touch your face
He said he'd love you for the evening
and that he'd take you from this place
you never said that you would leave me
you never said that he was wrong
all i know is what is left here
and all i know is from your songs

you always had a way with words,girl(pearl)
you always knew what should be done
but you could never make your own pain go away
and when it came to love you were given none
now i look back on your memory
and the things that you still had to say
I know that you never would have seen me
but inside of me you'll always stay
Juniper Urs


I watched a late night film
It was featuring you
Can you believe that it is now
The year two-thousand and two
I danced, I laughed, and then I cried
Now I got Dem ol' Kozmic Blues
I knew that you would last through time
You are not forgotten
Deep in my heart
A friend of mine
Singing Summertime, 'bout the cotten
When you sang those soulful tunes
You touched my heart when Blue
Janis, I cried the day you died
How could this happen to YOU
Mary B. aka: Pokey - October 12, 2002

THE CACTUS (In the Memory of Janis Lyn Joplin)

Came the eternal noon
and went the raging winds,
she stands -
nourishing life from within,
a power all her own.

Amid the expanse of aridity
she is a mist,
among a thousand splendor
the beauty she is.
Red Dragon, February 17, 2003
Janis, sono nato 17 anni dopo la tua scomparsa.
Quando ascolto la tua voce un�emozione unica,
indefinibile, immensa pervade il mio fragile animo
e non sai che dolore mi arrechi il pensiero che tu
non ci sia pi� su questo mondo. In fondo hai fatto
bene ad andartene, il mondo � falso come non mai,
spero che tu ora sia in un posto migliore.
Il mio cuore � pieno di te. E spero che un giorno,
quando anch�io me ne sar� andato, ci incontreremo.
Ti vorrei tanto abbracciare, ma non posso. Sei stata
la migliore di tutti, la tua vita � stata come uno
spettaccolo, e merita un applauso un milione di volte
pi� fragoroso di quelli che ricevesti in vita.
Love, Riccardo

Wait for me Janis

In the nights when I am alone
when I feel sorrow and pain
when I have no reason to live
then I listen to the rain.
That is your voice
telling me the truth
I am feeling hot
and I know that is you.
That is your soul
it will never leave me.
After 35 years of your death
you stell exist and you give me hope.
I know you live in my heart
and you will forevet stay there.
Now you are free like a butterfly.
Fly baby flay.
I am coming soon Janis
wait for me on the other side.
ana, May 17, 2005

Little Girl Blue

I'm sitting here alone on first avenue.
I've counted my fingers a time or two.
Yes it's me, your little girl blue.
I've fallen out with the Man on the Moon,
I'm doing all I can just to have a roof
Over my head, and a bed to lay
But I couldn't find one today.
So I'm sitting in the rain
This needle can take away the pain.
And if I die, before I wake
And my soul should haunt this emty street
Don't think of me.
Who am I? Just a vagrant child
Who knows not to count on anyone
But the raindrops falling from up above.
Here's my letter to you
Oh, from your little girl blue.


she lets you see into her soul
lonely little girl blue
bleeding pain and passion
raw emotions seeping through
brave, tough exterior
inside she feels inferior
she won�t stop even long enough
so she can see it too
if only she could glimpse
her beauty through our eyes
what is it that she's running from
what is it she denies
what, if she took a closer look
would end it all right here
what, if she let her own eyes see
would cause a final tear fall
© darlene m. stewart, 2006
Along with Janis Joplin�s foot stepping on the stage, was the instantaneous loud scream for her name from the crowd. Accompanied by the music of her numerous bangles that almost choked her arms, she strode boyishly towards her microphone. She fluffed her big messy festooned hair, pushed it away from her translucent and perfectly round violet sunglasses and cared less for her crazy outfit. As she started singing with the microphone in one hand and an alcoholic drink in the other, heroin was written all over her bacchic movements, but her fans didn�t seem to mind, for they were captured by her gut-wrenching, low, raspy, almost-like-sandpaper voice. One thing that didn't escape her vague mind was the deadly dope that was patiently waiting for her at the end of the concert.
micah, March 2007

It's sad, so sad to be alone, my little girl blue.

Your voice like a rusted gear that works and turns,
but scrapes the precious metals along the way.
Not a voice like a nightingale, but a voice like the night;
it terrifies and comforts concurrently.

Janis Lyn Joplin, even your name flows like poetry,
as it drips off the tongue.
You never knew you'd be loved,
half as much as you were.

Here's to the hope that your soul
still has a glass of SoCo
and a song to sing
with the saints.
Brandy Rae Galloway, March 2008


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