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Amazing Grace

"Amazing Grace" written in 1772 by John Newton. "Hi Heel Sneakers" aka "High Heel Sneakers" by Tommy Tucker (born Robert Higginbotham) b. 5 March 1933 d. 22 January 1982. Originally recorded by Tommy Tucker in 1964

Amazing grace
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.

Now-I once was lost
but now I'm found
was blind, but now I see.....

Put on your hi heel sneakers
Honey got your wig-hat on your head.
Well honey on your head.
Well Put on your hi heel sneakers,
woman got her wig-hat on your head.


You better wear some boxing gloves
in case the foreman wanna fight.

Put on your hi-heel sneakers
Honey got your wig-hat on your head.
Honey, on your head.
Put on your hi - hi heel sneakers, darlin'
Gonna wear - gonna wear that wig-hat on your head.

Yeah, we're steppin' out tonight baby
I do believe we're really gonna knock 'em dead.

"OK. Thank you. A little bit of old country" ¥Ç¥

As recorded at the Matrix: San Francisco, Ca on 31 January 1967 and originally released on vinyl record "Farewell Song" on 11 January 1982 (Columbia PC-37569)


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