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Mojo: The Music Magazine

David Dalton takes a ride on the Janis Express
June 2000

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The 27 Club: They all died too young

AMI Specials: Rock, Secrets & Scandals
March 14, 2000

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Experience Hendrix: The Official Jimi Hendrix Magazine

The women of Rock 'N' Roll: Ladies in Electric Land (Mothers of Invention)
Vol. 3. Issue 2; May/June 1999

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Rock Around the Block

Newsweek - Feb. 5, 1998

You can't take a little piece of her heart any more, but if you were at Christie's yesterday, you could have taken a little piece of Janis Joplin's wardrobe. The famed New York auction house sold a collection of rock 'n' roll memorabalia, including one of Joplin's velvet blouses ($4,830), a pair of her print cotton bell-bottoms ($10,350) and a signature feather boa ($5,175).

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