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The Matrix

We do NOT sell posters. These are shown here for informational purposes only.

The Matrix, a renovated former pizza shop, was a nightclub in San Francisco from 1965 to 1972 and was one of the keys to what eventually became known as the "San Francisco Sound" in rock music. Located at 3138 Fillmore Street, The Matrix opened August 13, 1965 showcasing Jefferson Airplane, which singer Marty Balin had put together as the club's "house band." Marty had persuaded three limited partners to put up $3,000 apiece to finance the opening of The Matrix, giving them 75% ownership, while he retained 25% for creating and managing it.

Cheaper Thrills is the best tracks from several Big Brother gigs at The Matrix before the band was well known. Recording dates ran from July 28, 1966 to April 25, 1967.


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