During Janis’ December 19 Madison Square Garden concert she was joined on stage by Johnny Winter and Paul Butterfield. Winter was also Janis’ date to the premiere of Myra Breckinridge. In Buried Alive, Winter recalled, “Janis and I were so dressed up. She used to do that all the time, but I do remember that she was wearing her big ole cape and has all these feathers in her hair. I was all in black velvet and stuff. Boy. How many times do you get to see Mae West and Raquel Welch in one evening! So we get to the theater, with all those lights and those Hollywood people. We felt we were just a couple of freaks in the middle of that. So, I remember we walked down the aisle to get our seats, and suddenly there was all this applause. We looked at each other because we knew it couldn’t be for us. Then we heard somebody say something and we realized they had thought I was Mae West!”

Information taken from Buried Alive.