You come ’round here
sure you make your demand.
You’ve got a need, darlin’
I’ve seen it grow and expand.

Yeah, you wanna rebuild my life
with your own two hands.
Well, tell me now
what are you tryin’ to do ?

Those holes in your life
show what you require.
You need and you ask
Oh Lord, honey take any way ?

Yeah you’re gonna save us all
before the next big fire.
Tell me now
what are you tryin’ to do ?

Walked in my life
child, and I don’t even know your name.
You put others lives behind ya
as if they were lame.

You insist this simple feeling
be called insane.
Well, tell me now
what are you tryin’ to do ?

Now I look like I suffer hon ?
N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-now I’m doing fine.
Go on an’ look at y-y-yourself baby
Child, I’ll drop you a line.

Yeah, you go on take care o’ yours
I’ll take care of mine.
What are you tryin’ to do – oo ?

Hey! ¥Ç¥

As recorded at United Studios (Los Angeles) on 13 December 1966 and first released on the vinyl album Big Brother & The Holding Company (track 3 side A) Mainstream 6099.