Guest Joe Bevilacqua will play a rare 1970 live recording of the first time Janis Joplin sang ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ that he discovered in the University of Texas archives, on “Hootenanny Cafe,” with Jon Stein, tonight, at 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., on WTBQ, 1110 A.

Veteran radio producer Joe Bevilacqua will be Jon Stein’s guest on “Hootenanny Cafe,” tonight from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., on WTBQ, 1110 AM, 99.1 FM, in Warwick, New York.

At the end of the hour, Bevilacqua will play a very rare 1970 live recording of the first time Janis Joplin sang ‘Me and Bobby McGee,’ he uncovered in the University of Texas archives, while working on his 2003 radio documentary on the birth of Austin country music.

“Joe Bev” is a veteran award-winning writer, documentarian, actor, director and cartoonist living in Napanoch, NY, with his wife and creative partner, Lorie Kellogg.

Bevilacqua was the host and producer of “The Comedy-O-Rama Hour,” on XM SATELLITE RADIO from 2002 to 2007. The wacky radio hour — often completely improvised with a cast of characters developed by Bevilacqua since his father bought him an audio cassette recorder. Since then he has created hundreds of radio plays for NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, XM SATELLITE RADIO and others, often performing all the voices himself.

His radio documentary on the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas in 2000 and 2001, which including his own live recordings of The Red Dirt Rangers, Still On The Hill, Reggie Harris & Kim and Magie, and an interview he did with Rockabilly Pioneer Ray Campi.

The show will also include a recording of a song Bevilacqua wrote and sang for an episode of ‘Willoughby and the Professor’ that first aired on WNYC-FM in New York City in 1992.

If you cannot get WTBQ on your local radio, you can hear the show streamed live over the web at:

(The show will be repeated on Saturday, June 14, at 11:00 p.m. And available to hear anytime at

He is also a contributing reporter for NPR’s ALL THINGS CONSIDERED and WEEKEND EDITION, and has written a number of books, including DAWS BUTLER: CHARACTERS ACTOR, the authorized biography of the voice of Yogi Bear, who was Bevilacqua’s personal mentor.

In addition, he is editing and illustrating of book of cartoon scripts he developed with Mr. Butler, who was responsible for the majority of the most successful Hanna-Barbera cartoons, including Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw Mc Graw, Elroy Jetson and Snaggelpuss. Butler died in 1988.

Bevilacqua conducts an acting workshop based on Daws Butler’s method. Those interested may contact Bevilacqua’s cartoons will be part of an exhibit, AWE, ‘Art in the Windows of Ellenville,’ which will showcase two- and three-dimensional original artwork of local Ellenville area emerging and professional artists. Under the direction of Dennis Warner, former head of the English department at Ellenville Senior High School and WELV 107.9 FM radio deejay twice voted best deejay in the Best of Hudson Valley magazine award program. Over 25 artists’ work will be seen in downtown Ellenville storefront windows. Artists interested in participating can write to

Bevilacqua he has written for local Hudson Valley publications including CANVAS, THE ELLENVILLE JOURNAL and ORANGE MAGAZINE, and will be acting in a stage production of BLACK COMEDY by Peter Shaffer, directed by Brendan Burke, running July 18 to August 10, at the SHADOWLAND THEATRE in Ellenville, NY.

You can hear over 30 hours of his programs for free and more at: