2 LPs - 2018


Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills

Combination of The Two (Take 3)
I Need A Man To Love (Take 4)
Summertime (Take 2)
Piece Of My Heart (Take 6)
Harry (Take 10)
Turtle Blues (Take 4)
Oh, Sweet Mary
Ball And Chain (Live)
Roadblock (Take 1)
Catch Me Daddy (Take1)
It’s A Deal (Take 1)
Easy Once You Know How (Take 1)
How Many Times Blues Jam
Farewell Song (Take 7)
Flower In The Sun (Take 3)
Oh, Sweet Mary
Summertime (Take 1)
Piece Of My Heart (Take 4)
Catch Me Daddy (Take 9)
Catch Me Daddy (Take 10)
I Need A Man To Love (Take 3)
Harry (Take 9)
Farewell Song (Take 4)
Misery’n (Takes 2 & 3)
Misery’n (Take 4)
Magic Of Love (Take 1)
Turtle Blues (Take 9)
Turtle Blues (Last Verse Takes 1-3)
Piece Of My Heart (Take 3)
Farewell Song (Take 5)

Also available on CD.


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